Service Packages


Book individually or bundled to save

         Any 3 treatments: 10% off

        Any 5 treatments: 20% off

Repair and Relax

Combine deep tissue work to repair an injury or an area of discomfort with a relaxing Swedish Massage.  We will start the session with deep focused work, including client participation to intensify stretches, and follow with a soothing full-body massage. 

60-minutes: $80

90-minutes: $108

Reflexology Package

A 30 or 60 minute full-body Swedish massage followed by a 30-minute Reflexology treatment on the feet.   


60-minutes: $75

90-minutes: $108

Back, Neck, and Shoulder

A 30-minute treatment to address general tension.  You may choose to add on 30-minutes of energy work, reflexology, and/or  face and scalp massage.

30-minutes: $45

60-minutes: $75

Pure Balance

A Chakra Balance using Polarity energy work paired with aromatherapy and Swedish Massage, either full-body or focusing on one or two areas of your choice.

45-minutes: $60

60-minutes: $75

90-minutes: $108


If you purchase any 90-minute treatment for full price, I will offer a 60-minute Shiatsu treatment for half-price.  This enables clients to learn about the potential benefits of this alternative form of body work.

Deep Energy and Extremities

Integrated Energy Therapy for deep clearing on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels concluding with peaceful physical release for the scalp and/or feet.

75-minutes: $108

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