About Rebecca

Rebecca Sophia Massage Woodstock

My philosophy for all of life is balance - balance in giving and receiving, working and resting,  indulging and abstaining.  The wisdom of the body is ultimately central, and by tuning in, we often find that imbalances in our bodies are reflected in our lives, and vice versa.  Taking the time to tend to the needs of the body can be the key to realizing a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

My bodywork is an extension of my spiritual practice.  I think of every session as a meditation, an opportunity to drop into a peaceful, present state and bring my clients with me.  The body has all sorts of messages for us when we are present enough to hear it, and it is my joy to listen.

I studied massage at the Center for Natural Wellness and have been licensed in New York since 2017.  I have worked with hundreds of clients with consistently positive feedback. I am a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master since 2013.


I integrate numerous modalities into every session depending on the needs and desires of each client.  Incorporating Swedish Massage techniques, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Shiatsu point work, and subtle energy work, I create a custom-tailored session each time.  Aromatherapy is available for every treatment, free of charge.  You may choose a style of bodywork around which you'd like to have your session focused, or we can decide together upon discussing your needs.

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30 Min - $45

60 Min - $75

90 Min - $108

Sliding scale and barter available under certain circumstances.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a relaxing form of bodywork incorporating long strokes, kneading, compression, and tapping.  This work can be gentle or deep, and helps to increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, improve sleep, and generally promote peace of mind.


Ancient science purports that the entire body and all of its systems are reflected on the hands and feet.  By applying intentional pressure to points on these extremities, a broad range of physical and emotional issues may be addressed.  


Performed on a mat on the floor, shiatsu is an ancient system of holistic bodywork that focuses on energy points and meridians.  Traditional Chinese Medicine forms the lens through which physical ailments are understood and subsequently addressed.

Deep Tissue/Medical Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on addressing trigger points and myofascial restrictions with slow, deep pressure and stretching.  This work is best if you have specific areas of tension around which you'd like to focus. 

Polarity & Chakra Balancing

Gentle energy work using placement of hands and rocking to stimulate and realign the polarized energy flow of the body.  


Gentle laying of hands for the transmission of healing energy.  This work affects physical, emotional, and spiritual layers of the body-mind and brings about a sense of peacefulness and clarity.

*Integrated Energy Therapy*

This is a powerful form of channeled energy work which helps to clear blockages that may be stored in our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  People often experience drastic shifts in their lives after receiving this work.