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Katie Hofstatter


Katie Hofstatter is a board certified licensed massage therapist since 2005. Besides Swedish Massage, she practices several modalities that include Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, and Bindegeweb.

Katie specializes in healing with crystals.  Using Tarot Cards to gain an intuitive sense of where energy in the chakras may be stuck or imbalanced, Katie then uses crystals in a 90-minute soul-journey that will leave you feeling crystal-clear and renewed. 

Jazmine Russell

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Jazmine Russell is a Holistic Counselor, New York Certified Peer Specialist, Intuitive Herbalist and Founder of the Institute for the Development of Human Arts.  Jazmine has a degree in Applied Psychology from NYU where she focused on critical psychology and alternatives in mental health.



For those looking for a safe and supportive space to process emotions and learn holistic tools to support your personal healing. These dynamic sessions are tailored to your needs and incorporate a variety of methods including:

  • Compassionate dialogue & support,

  • Intuitive & spiritual practices,

  • Somatic & Embodiment exercises

  • Herbal recommendations

Holistic Counseling:
Custom Intuitive Herbal Consultation:

These sessions are intended to address whole-body ailments and needs. They include a write up of Jazmine's herbal recommendations and any specific protocols, as well as additional tools, resources, and practices when necessary.


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